Are you a coach, course creator, or community leader ready to earn compounding, recurring monthly income?

Monetize your community in the most mutually beneficial way, where reaching five figures a month isn't just achievable—it's expected with our multi-generational affiliate payout structure!

...And How You Can Copy Our Exact System For Yourself!

Discover How We Consistently:

Screenshot of SaaS Mastery dashboard, an all-in-one digital marketing platform showcasing software as a service features.
  • Leverage our software to replace our competitors at a fraction of the cost

  • Onboard large community leaders and influencers within the digital marketing space

  • Build passive, recurring income through our Multi-Gen Affiliate Payout System


What features come with the software?

* Unlimited Funnels & Websites

* Unlimited Courses

* Unlimited Communities

* Unlimited Contacts

* Unlimited Domains

* Unlimited Sub-Users

* Native Video Hosting

* Affiliate Manager

* Full CRM, pipelines and task management

* Unlimited Automations

* Calendar Appointment Scheduler

* Social Scheduling Tool

* Integration with TikTok, FB messenger & IG DMs

* Unlimited Support

* User-only Facebook Group

* Order Bumps

* 1-Click Upsells

* Unlimited Blogs

* In-House Marketplace to Showcase Other Creators

* In-House VA’s & Services

* Done-For-You Funnels + Email Campaigns + Resources

* TeamGPT-4

* E-commerce Capabilities

* Daily Live Coaching and weekly Guest Speakers

* Multi Generational Affiliate Payouts

* Worklows

* SMS Marketing

* Custom Blueprints and Business Builds

* Automatic Ads Generator

* & So Much more!

Starting a Community

Don't yet have a community but want to grow one? We will teach you exactly what to do! - and it's probably easier than you think!

Perhaps you have been selling a MRR course, some low ticket digital products, and maybe even have a free Facebook group? Maybe you hope to one day build a community?

It's likely at one point you've felt discouraged because you realize making enough front end sales to cover your bills takes a lot of effort, and that this type of energy is not sustainable, especially with not knowing if sales will be here next month. You just want to automate your business and see money rolling while you sleep! (don't we all?!)

Well, I am here to tell you that starting and growing a community of raving fans that you can help and nurture, while simultaneously monetizing in ways you perhaps never imagined—is possible! And we may just be the answer to your prayers ;).

Here's the truth: If you don't have some kind of subscription or membership in your business, i.e., no recurring revenue, then you absolutely do not have security and longevity in your business. So why not grow your community in a way that is mutually beneficial for your community members? Where you BOTH make money?

You will make a lot of money in affiliate commissions from them because our unique affiliate payout system pays you out up to the third generation, but that's not the only amazing feature! The value you will find here—the incredible community and customer support, the endless resources, the mind-blowing price points, and the opportunity to give your customers that same chance to build residuals— is the cherry on top!

Reach out today, and we will help you get started growing your first community or scaling your current one!

Community Leaders

Imagine an all-in-one platform equipped with every tool and software necessary to start, scale, and automate your online business. Whether you're involved in affiliate or digital marketing, eCommerce, print on demand (POD), dropshipping, or brick-and-mortar operations, we've got exactly what you need—likely at a lower cost than your current expenses!Enjoy 24/7 dedicated support, resources, and marketing materials tailored for you, alongside courses, templates, marketplaces, and daily live coaching on software and automation tools, plus more exclusively available to our platform users. At SaaS Mastery, powered by Gfunnel, we're committed to supporting you because we believe your journey to success is also our journey.

FAQ image

Can I be an affiliate ....

Without even using the software for my business?

Well, it's both yes and no. You'll have to sign up for a free account to get your affiliate link, and when you do, we'll give you all the marketing tools you need – like a funnel, a video about the opportunity, and email campaigns. You don't have to use our software for your business to earn affiliate money, but we really suggest checking out our memberships. Not only could you earn more in affiliate commissions, but you'll also get all the business tools you need at a lower cost than what our competitors offer. Plus, with us, you get everything in one place – a complete ecosystem, growing community, and free live coaching.

What affiliate opportunities are there?

Affiliate Commission Structure:

-First-Tier Commissions: As an affiliate, when you directly refer new users to SaaS Mastery, you earn a significant commission on each referral. The exact percentage can vary based on the current program terms.

-Multi-Generational Payouts: SaaS Mastery offers a multi-tier commission structure. This means you not only earn from your direct referrals but also from the efforts of the affiliates they bring in, potentially extending to multiple levels or generations.

Earnings Potential:

-The earning potential with SaaS Mastery’s affiliate program is substantial, especially with the multi-generational commission model. This structure allows for compounded earnings as your referral network grows.

Tools and Resources for Affiliates:

-Upon joining the affiliate program, you are provided with a suite of marketing tools. These may include promotional funnels, opportunity videos, email campaigns, and other resources to help you effectively market the service.

-Affiliates have access to training materials and support, ensuring they can maximize their referral strategies.

Advantages of Using SaaS Mastery’s Platform:

-While it’s not mandatory to use SaaS Mastery's services for your own business to earn affiliate commissions, doing so can offer several advantages.

-Utilizing the platform can provide firsthand experience and insights, making your promotional efforts more authentic and effective.Affiliates who also are users of the platform may see enhanced earning opportunities through increased commission rates or additional incentives.

Cost-Saving Benefits:

-SaaS Mastery positions itself as a cost-effective solution compared to its competitors. By using the platform, affiliates can save on business operational costs while leveraging the same for their referrals.

Community and Support:

-SaaS Mastery emphasizes community-building and peer support, which can be a significant asset in growing your affiliate network.Regular updates, live coaching, and dedicated support ensure that affiliates are well-equipped to succeed.

Screenshot of SaaS Mastery dashboard, an all-in-one digital marketing platform showcasing software as a service features.
Screenshot of SaaS Mastery dashboard, an all-in-one digital marketing platform showcasing software as a service features.

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